Instagram, a representative social network service, is one of the major marketing tools and also a sales channel that can communicate with customers, as well as promote offline and online events.


An account with many Instagram followers is called "Instagram influencer." We have successfully promoted wine in partnership with influencer "@byminawithyou", which has more than 150,000 followers.


She is a passionate businessman who not only designs products but also acts as an active marketer who communicates directly with models and customers as a representative of shoe and clothing brands. In addition to introducing her own products, she is also responsible for introducing and recommending products in various categories such as coffee, wine, and cosmetics, and her followers who love her good taste and brand are loyal customers.

Among our wines, Bellenda's Prosecco, Frizzante, caught her eye. In addition to introducing the product, we held a discount event to help promote Podoclub brand itself.



This not only helped sales but also played a part in promotion. There are also customers who actively engage in SNS activities, so our products are being promoted through customers' posts. This led to an increase in import volume and sales.

Starting with this, we have contacted various influencers who are influential and are sponsoring and promoting products through SNS marketing.

Furthermore, thanks to our active Instagram promotion, our wine is chosen as a gift for celebrities or introduced in their real daily lives.


Our product is also introduced on famous Korean broadcasting show. <I live alone> showing the daily lives of celebrities, <Please Take Care of My Refrigerator> a program that cooks with ingredients from celebrities' refrigerators, <My Little Television> which gives fun and information with various broadcasting contents, and <Non-summit Conference> talk show with foreigners living in Korea.



The global search engine is Google, and the search engine mainly used by Koreans is Naver. In particular, Naver Blog can expose product information such as actual reviews, so it regularly posts wine promotional posts on its blog and introduces various events.


It is the most influential Power Blogger in Korea introducing her daily life with his cute daughter. It became popular with the introduction of cooking and products with the mother's heart. She published several cooking recipe books <Hanbe’s kitchen>, <Tasty story at Hanbi’s home>, and also established a kitchenware brand <Beemymagic>.  Our products often appear on her blog, and she is our real fan who directly writes introductions whenever a new product comes up.


Tasting event

Every Thursday, we operate weekly tasting events in our tasting room. The tasting wine list is selected every months, it consists of 8 wines including bestsellers, new wines, and recommended wines. The monthly list is promoted through Instagram, blogs, etc., and is shared by customers who participate in the tasting event. We can meet with our customers through this Weekly Tasting, and it is an active promotional place not only to promote wine, but also feel the customer's response, and learn about recent wine consumption trends.

Tasting event Review

Fair & Festival


Magazine that reflects trends in fashion and food is one of our marketing partners. Our products always appear in these famous magazines when small wines are in the spotlight, when the wine subscription market is activated, and when wine & whiskey are the talk of the town.